The decision to use donor sperm or eggs to achieve the goal of parenthood can be a complex decision with many considerations. I offer consultations for intended parents who are pursuing the use of anonymous/unknown donor gametes that keep within the guidelines and recommendations of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM.)

Consultations provide an opportunity for you to :

  • further explore your interest in using donor gametes 

  • receive psychoeducation regarding the different facets of the decision to use donor eggs/sperm

Various Topics will be covered during the consultation including: 

  • personal, relationship, and infertility history

  • loss of genetic contribution to potential child

  • recipient concerns regarding use of donor eggs/sperm

  • disclosure regarding the use of donor eggs/sperm

  • anonymity

  • other family building options

  • resources

Consultations typically consist of one meeting that lasts for approximately for 90 minutes. A written summary of the consultation along with any recommendations can be provided to a treatment provider, if desired, with signed consent.