Infertility can be an overwhelming and all-consuming struggle if you are experiencing challenges in your goal of becoming a parent.  You may feel like you are on a roller coaster as your emotions quickly change from up to down depending on your cycle day.  You may wonder how much more disappointment you can endure as the losses that you have experienced along your fertility journey accumulate.  You may feel angry that life has not gone as it was supposed to.  

 Counseling may be helpful if you are:  

  • struggling with feeling down or anxious 

  • exploring options related to treatment or family building

  • seeking support during or after a failed treatment

  • grieving a miscarriage/pregnancy loss or various losses associated with infertility

  • experiencing difficulty in relationships with loved ones 


Counseling may be supportive, therapeutic or crisis focused depending on your concerns and may be helpful when you are trying to make decisions related to fertility. 

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