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    The birth of a child brings many expected and unexpected changes.  It is often not an easy process as it  can take time to adjust to new roles and household dynamics.  Some women and men may develop significant symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) during pregnancy or within the first year after childbirth. These symptoms differ from the "baby blues" and can interfere with the individual's ability to enjoy life or function well. Those impacted by PMADs may be reluctant to seek help as they may not recognize the significance of their symptoms or they may be fearful of letting others know that they are struggling. 

    You may wish to consider counseling if you are: 

    • feeling down or sad

    • feeling anxious or worried 

    • feeling angry or irritable 

    • having difficulty adjusting to pregnancy or motherhood

    • struggling with thoughts that are concerning to you

    • questioning yourself as something seems like it's "just not right" 


    I  work individually with women who are experiencing perinatal/postpartum depression and/or perinatal/postpartum anxiety.  My approach to counseling seeks to destigmatize PMADs and assist clients with decreasing their level of distress while increasing their level of functioning.