The birth of a child brings many expected and unexpected changes.  It is often not easy to adjust to the new household dynamics and can take time to adjust to new roles whether it is your first or subsequent child.   Some women and men may develop significant symptoms of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) during pregnancy or within the first year after childbirth. These symptoms differ from the "baby blues" and can interfere with your ability to enjoy life or function well. You may reluctant to seek help as you are hoping that things will get better over time or you may be fearful of letting others know you are struggling. 

You may wish to consider counseling if you are: 

  • feeling down or sad

  • feeling anxious or worried 

  • feeling angry or irritable 

  • having difficulty adjusting to pregnancy or motherhood

  • struggling with thoughts that are concerning to you

  • questioning yourself as something seems like it's "just not right" 


I periodically offer a six week support group for new moms who are struggling with feeling overwhelmed, down or anxious.  Topics include coping tools, self-care, what to expect, communicating with your partner and attachment with your baby. Babies are welcome!


This is not designed to be a drop in group and pre-registration is required. We  need a minimum of 3 members to hold the group and the group will be capped at  6 members for the sake of space and group dynamics. 

**Please note that the group is not being offered at this time.

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